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Michelle Kozlen

Posted on March 03 2015

I wanted to reach out and welcome you to! This website and business have been in the making for a very long time and something I am extremely passionate and proud of.

I've worked a few jobs in my 17 years of job history; from my first job at a local mom and pop pizza joint, to my last as a customer service lead rep/senior rep, who trained the whole customer service team. 

I love working; but in creating this space and place of my own, I've found I love working for my own business. There is nothing more powerful and scary as being the sole force of your business. If something fails, it is completely on my fault alone. If something succeeds, it is my own victory. 

FourLetterWordCards started out of a desire to do something different. I LOVE sending cards to my family and I adore stationary and all kinds of paper products. I would also like to think that I have a pretty wicked sense of humor and wanted to incorporate my love for paper and sarcasm. 

I also wanted to incorporate pretty things, like glitter, gold and sparkly crap. I see nothing wrong with covering curse words in glitter and having a cute cuddly little squirrel on a card proclaiming someone likes nuts.

FourLetterWordCards helps to create laughter and hopefully showcases fun cards for healthy relationships; it was also important to create a home for those finding themselves. There are too few card companies that create something magical for the LGBT community and I'd like a shining beacon of support to be found here. 

I truly hope you find something special here; I'd also like you to crap yourself from laughing so hard, but I'm ok with belly laughs for now.

Thank you so much for visiting; please make yourself at home. Just be sure you feed the unicorns, they get a bit tempermental when not fed. 



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