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Creating a vision for Four Letter Word Cards

Michelle Kozlen

Posted on May 08 2015

 Today I wanted to focus a bit on what makes Four Letter Word Cards tick. I've been taking an online class about business (go figure,) and one of the tasks was to create a vision for Four Letter Word Cards. 

I tend to think a lot about why I've created this funny little greeting card company and one theme that seems to run rampant is my need to help others be happy and feel special. I think it has a lot to do with when I was a child/teenager and feeling like not many people really saw me for who I was. I felt like I was a nuisance and didn't have many safe places. I think we all have struggles growing up, my own experiences left me with a desire to ensure there was no one left behind. I've always wanted people to feel welcome around me and while I can be very opinionated, I generally try to befriend everyone.

Four Letter Word Cards was created because I know how important it can be to acknowledge and celebrate the relationships and special moments in life that touch us. I want everyone to be able to celebrate their relationships and who they are as a person. Embrace your kink, have fun with poly and be as flirty, sexy and sassy as you possibly want to be! As long as you are happy, it's consensual and your enjoying life- let your unique flag fly!

The LGBTQ community, in general, is a group of people I hold very close to my heart. The first club I ever went to was in West Hollywood and full of the cutest gay boys I'd ever seen. When I moved to Palm Springs for a few years as a 19-year-old, the local Gay Associated Youth Center was my go-to place to hang out. I had so many gay friends who understood how I felt, even if I wasn't personally gay. I also have someone very close to me in my family that is gay and while they have not told anyone else, I value their secret and am so damn proud they are embracing who they are. 

I know what it is like to feel alone and to be rejected by someone who is supposed to love every part of you. It breaks my heart that it happens all to often, especially in the gay community. But it just doesn't happen there. Growing up, many of us are told that we don't fit the proper image of what someone else expects of us. We're told we don't fit into the normal box and get cast aside. 

Four Letter Word Cards is not that kind of company. We believe that everyone deserves a voice and do not tolerate any type of hate, anger - even if it's fueled by ignorance.

I want Four Letter Word Cards to become a movement. I want every damn one of my customers, every single person that visits my page and site to understand just how important they are. You count, you matter and you are special! Your relationships matter. I want you to have cards that not only capture your life, but also make you giggle, laugh, snort, gasp etc. 

Life doesn't always need to be serious. You can rekindle a romantic relationship, be a little bold, embrace a naughty side, take a stand and declare who you are; all with a greeting card, poster print or gift tag. (I also adore being able to mix glitter with curse words and make Fuck look as pretty and sparkly as possible.)

This business isn't just about cards; it's about connection. It's about taking the time to tell someone they matter and show you care. You can take a few moments and send your mom a funny ass card. You can write a personal message to a best friend, in a card full of curse words and glitter. You can declare how much you love it when your partner shakes their booty and you can exclaim how much you love certain body parts.We pride ourselves on creating funny greeting cards. But touching your life and acknowledging you exist and count is certainly the best part of it all.


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