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About Us

A little bit about our company:

Four Letter Word Cards was founded purely for its creators entertainment. Seriously, if you were able to make snarky, smart-assed cards all day, wouldn't you want to? (And let's not forget about the glitter- although there are times when it wanders into places it shouldn't; then we'd actually prefer to forget about the glitter.)

It all started late one night, when our Card Creator Mastermind couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned and instead of counting sheep; she began thinking of snarky things to say on cards. (When you're artsy craftsy most of your life, trust us, this comes with the territory.) 

She opened shop on Etsy and began putting up cards and other fun products that very week. Due to such positive attention and a great sense of humor- the shop has had over 1000 orders in less than a year.

Four Letter Word Cards has been featured by George Takei and the Huffington Post. Along with other awesome blogs like The Stir by CafeMom, TheStatelyHound, StrangerThanVintage and others, to name a few.


A little bit about our Card Creator Mastermind:

     Michelle has been in the customer service business for 17 years! Not every job has been related to print, but every single one has focused on customer service and providing the best service possible. For the last four years, she had the pleasure of working with two popular print companies; one as a customer service specialist and the other as a customer service supervisor/lead representative. 

Being on the forefront in dealing directly with customers; she's able to not only create fun and high quality products, she's also able to provide some of the best customer service around. At FourLetterWordCards- we understand customers are everything.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Other contributors and amazing team members:


     Leeahd Goldberg (a.k.a. our lead artist extraordinaire.)

Leeahd makes things happen! With a small sketch or idea from Michelle, He's able to conceptualize and create the perfect artwork for each creation. He's incredibly talented and when not helping with FourLetterWordCards; he's busy working on his own storyboard and photo retouching projects. He's worked with companies such as Mattel, Disney, Sephora and Dole. You can checkout his artwork here: http://www.leeahd.com


Heather Kenealy (a.k.a. script writer mistress.)



Steven Robles (a.k.a. SEO Wizard)

Steve has a background in SEO/SEM from Yahoo!Search Marketing. Starting as a listings editor, he worked his way up to Account Development Editor and into Team Lead for Yahoo!'s Adult Resource Management and Fraud Analysis teams. He has privately consulted for many businesses on how best to optimize their Websites and search submissions for optimum ROI.

 Currently, Steve operates World Domination Designs. WDD provides low-cost graphic design, photography and Facebook Pages management for businesses, performers and others. facebook.com/worlddominationdesigns

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