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Etsy Tools and Groups to help your business

Trying to find reputable resources for running your Etsy business can be difficult. This list is a constantly growing set of resources I use for my own successful Etsy store.


1. Marmalead -  is a marketing/SEO keyword tool that helps you find the best words for your titles and tags. I use it myself not only for products already listed but also in order to research new products I'm looking to release. The creators Richie and Gordon are amazing and open to hearing feedback from shop owners.

2. The Fresh Rag / Fresh Rag Army -  Dave from Fresh Rag hosts a podcast and facebook group. He interviews makers, creators, and fellow Etsy shop owners. His interviews are pretty freaking fantastic and he's even written a few books to help get sales all year around. Here's a link to his website: and a link to his facebook group:

3. Little Farm Media - Caitlin Bacher is a social media guru. She has a killer Instagram feed and is very active in supporting all creative biz ladies. If you want to get your social media in gear, she's the person to pay attention to. You can visit her site here:



I'll be adding more to the list when I find resources, so visit often! Happy selling!

You're magical, bb! 🦄

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