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Corgi Flower Collar Enamel Pin

$ 11.00

Who doesn't love an adorable and mischievous little corgi? They are pranksters, loving, fun and a little bit headstrong. Celebrate your love for this fun breed, by wearing your heart on your sleeve! (Or anywhere else you want to put this enamel pin.)

Size - 1.50 inches tall

♥♥ Important Information ♥♥

♥ We want to give you the best, so our pins come in a hard enamel.

♥ Each Pin is meticulously packed in a cello bag, with a cardstock backing, to ensure it doesn't move around.

♥ Included are two lapel pin rubber pin backs.

♥We have a limited number of pins available, so act fast before they disappear!

You're magical, bb! 🦄

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