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Everything Dies Enamel Pin

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I created this enamel pin in honor of my mother's passing. She passed away on September 1st, 2020 from alzheimer's and vascular dementia. I was her caregiver for a year and a half before her passing and was able to witness her being in the active dying stage and her last breath. This enamel pin is my way of coming to terms that eventually anything living, must and will die. It's our responsibility to remember that. We can choose to be scared of the inevitable, or we can choose to live on our own terms because we realize life is fleeting. This is a representation of my making the choice to live - to embrace all life has to offer. I refuse to back down from the chance of living my life, just because it will eventually lead to death. And while my heart is broken that my mom passed away, I am so grateful that she is no longer suffering with the pain she was experiencing due to alzheimer's and dementia.

This pin is 1.75 inches tall.

♥♥ Important Information ♥♥

♥ We want to give you the best, so most of our pins come in a hard enamel.

♥ Each Pin is meticulously packed in a cello bag, with a cardstock backing, to ensure it doesn't move around.

♥ Included are two lapel pin butterfly clutches and rubber pin backs.

♥We have a limited number of pins available, so act fast before they disappear!

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