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Magical AF Pencil Pack

$ 8.95

Who doesn't love colorful crap to write with? Use these magical pencils for yourself or get them as a gift for someone else. Either way, you'll be making someone's day with these festive little fuckers.

♥♥ Important Information ♥♥
♥ Painted Round Graphite Pencils - because color is awesome!
♥ Our Un-sharpened Pencils come 8 to a pack - each color printed with a different badass quote.
♥ We do not offer customization on our pencils. They are sold as is. Thank you!

♥♥♥♥ Customer Reviews ♥♥♥♥

“So this brought a lot of smiles. It was a great team building gift to help boost morale through a couple of tough deadlines. Shipped quickly and some cute confetti to boot. :)” - Kim K.

“These were awesome - I gave them as gifts and they were a huge hit. Definitely what some high school teachers need to make their day a little brighter. Thank you!!” - Finn

"Hah! These are great! Love the packaging, too." - Liz

“A f*%cking awesome gift for any college student!” - Alexa

You're magical, bb! 🦄

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