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New Years Confetti Poppers- Colorful Paper Confetti

$ 4.50

It has been scientifically proven that parties just aren't fun without confetti. So we've put together these awesome little wands, jam packed with black, gold and cream shimmery paper. We've also added a solid black and white base as well, which helps make the shimmer paper sparkle and stand out even more! Attack your friends with these wands and set the mood perfectly!

We know confetti poppers are all the rage now- but we wanted to do something better. These are confetti wands and are much easier on the wrist and hand. You just hold the wand upright and swing your arm down- gravity will do the rest and you'll be covered in shimmery confetti for days, yay!

♥♥ Important Information ♥♥

♥ We start each mixture with a white paper base. This allows each colored element to stand out and add the perfect pop of color!

♥ Our paper confetti comes from sustainable and green companies. We love confetti, but we love trees even more!

♥ Each batch is hand mixed, which means a 1 cup bag of confetti is its own work of art!

♥ Our confetti wands have an added band of color at the base of the wand. Either gold or silver chevron, Gold or silver polka dots or glittery gold and silver dots. Each one is randomly selecting, unless you order five - in which you'll get one of each.

♥♥♥♥ Customer Reviews ♥♥♥♥

“I LOVE Four Letter Word Cards! Michelle shipped my card immediately and it was delivered in a timely manner. She left a personal note saying thank you for the purchase which was such an awesome touch. My boyfriend loved the card!” - kkmchale

“This is an awesome freaking card. I freaking love it. I will freaking order more freaking cards asap -- seller is freaking awesome.” - MomofBryce

"The card was so cute, and my friend loved it!! There was a nice thank you note inside and it was beautifully packaged. Thank you so much!!" - clarkma26

“These cards are the best! Highly recommend Michelle's shop to every human being inhabiting the earth. I still have the Christmas card I ordered displayed just because it's so marvelous! So glad I found this gem of a store. Thank you kindly!” - Nicole

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