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Australian Shepherd Flower Crown Enamel Pin

$ 11.00

If I could have any dog in the world, an Australian Shepherd would be it! They are very loyal, intelligent and have so much energy! This little pin is the perfect compliment to any pin collection - so adopt her today!

These flower crown enamel pins are meant to honor the loved ones we hold so dear - our soul companions. Whether or not your fur baby is passed, I hope these series of enamel pins helps you carry them close to your heart and forever honor your loved ones.

Size - 1.5 inches long
Gold Hard Enamel Pin

★★ All of our enamel pins come with rubber pin-backs. YAY! ★★

♥♥ Important Information ♥♥

♥ We want to give you the best, so our pins come in a hard enamel.

♥ Each Pin is meticulously packed in a cello bag, with a cardstock backing, to ensure it doesn't move around.

♥ Included are two lapel pin butterfly clutches or black rubber pin backs.

♥We have a limited number of pins available, so act fast before they disappear!

You're magical, bb! 🦄

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